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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Wat Machimmaram,Kelantan

After paying a visit to Sleeping Buddha Wat Polithivan, we continue our journey to the next destination –Wat Machimmaram-the Sitting Buddha.

Departing from Chabang Empat, we took the bus no 27 which was initially departed from Kota Bharu. We found that the coming bus was numbered 27, but with another company’s name and logo, but yet we stopped it to ask if it going to the Wat Machimmaram

此文中译版 Chinese version of this article

The public buses route in Kota Bharu can be operated by different companies with the same route, do take note of this.

Data gathered from the net was saying Wat Machimmaram is located at Kampung Jubakar.

In Kota Bharu , when you were to take bus to visit these tourist spots, remember to note down the Buddha posture, eg whether is a Sleeping Buddha temple or Sitting Buddha temple. It’s because the bus drivers normally don’t remember the “long-winded” name of these Siamese temples,but only the posture of the buddhas.

As mentioned previously , the driver always failed from our expectation. Luckily this time we observed closely the brown-coloured signboard all the way after boarding.

The impression that Sitting Buddha gave me was even greater, I think the sunny sky had played a big part in this. The Buddha was simply too impressive when we were there.

And same function with Sleeping Buddha temple, it stores those urn. But not long ago before I came, there was a stolen case happened in Wat Machimmaram. The thief had stolen ashes of an eminent monk! It was reported to the police, but nobody was found guilty. This is insane ! totally of no morality!

The containment action against it was the top floor was locked up from visitor, no outsider than relative could be allowed to enter the top floor compound. Sigh…nowadays temple also gotta guard against others…

Although the temple is in Siamese naming system, but the interior is pretty “Chinese”

Opposite of Wat Machimmaram, there are 2 more magnificent Wat, which totally had no visitor/tourist existence. It’s of very local feel and totally non-commercial , well I will talk about it in the next article.

Bus no 27 from Chabang Empat to Kampung Jubakar RM 1.30

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