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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Wat Prachumthat Canaram,Kelantan

There are 3 temples at Kampung Jubakar, the famous for sure is Sitting Buddha, whereas opposite from Wat Machimmaram is this Wat Prachumthat Canaram, and another Wat (temple) which was symbolized by lion (not sure its name).

If the famous Wat Machimmaram’s visitor can have only few visitors (less than the numbers of fingers of yours), these 2 less famous Wat is even miserably few people.

此文中译版 Chinese version of this article

We saw only 1 local in total in these 2 temples- A local who was working on Wat Prachumthat Canaram renovation.

My personal thought is other than Wat Machimmaram is with a huge sitting Buddha, all the 3 temples were impressively magnificent each of them.

I have never experienced to visit temple with such few visitors, but I think this is not a bad thing either as I could take whichever angle with my photos without any blockage of passerby. The only worry I had was doggy might think we were of no good intention and come after us haha.

In front of Wat Prachumthat Canaram, there is this seven-headed dragon, seems like very fierce, bit scary sculpture

But Wat Prachumthat Canaram was not opened its main hall, think maybe this temple was not a temple for tourist but worship place for the locals

Beside the main temple, written Chinese 殿藏地, means store of the Buddhism books, but its board was in Chinese, but not in Thai, feeling a bit strange…

There’re few residential unit which I believe belonged to the Siamese, but there seems no people was at home during our visit, wondering if they went to school or workplace?

After we syok (find happy) our ownselves, we continued our journey to another temple nearby.

On the midway walking to this temple, we double check with the Siamese stall operator that the no 27 bus route is to Malaysia-Thailand border. But she seemed couldn’t understand none in my Bahasa Melayu, leaving me in stars/doubts if due to my too-formal BM or Siamese here do not use BM in their daily life…

The next temple was even more “peaceful” totally no human being around, neither did a dog or cat, except the statue lion at the entrance.

The temple seemed to be very astonishing, but don’t know why I had a strong feeling of abandoned. My brother was too observant to see a lot of spider webs on top of the temple. Some even of big spiders which web area can be as wide as 2 to 3 meters from temple roof to the trees beside! And I have no idea why the webs weren’t destroyed during heavy rain pour.

Seeing such large magnitude of spider web, we started to carefully exploring this temple, afraid of accidentally “invade” into their territory and they come after us.

Really wondering if reason existence of these spider webs- because of abandoned temple or become of Buddhism “non-killing” ideology?

Nevertheless, something worth seeing in this temple compound- the residential houses behind were of different style of architecture-non repetitive. There was Malay style’s rumah kampong” and Thai’s temple style.

After taking some commercial for Jetstar- X posture. We took the bus no 27 and continued our journey to Malaysia-Thailand border—Pengkalan Kubor!

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