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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Pantai Sri Tujuh, Kelantan

Initially I didn’t plan to go Pantai Sri Tujuh, because when I first planning my Kelantan trip, it seemed too far from Kota Bharu. When we consulted the Malaysia Tourism officers, where can we find those colourful malay fishing boats? As I read from internet, almost everyone who went to Pantai Sabak for the colourful boat , were complaining that site, and saying couldn’t find any boat at that beach.

此文中译版 Chinese version of this article

Well, I could say the tourism officer a bit like demoting tourism instead. He discouraged us to go Pantai Sabak as soon as I asked about it.He said there was having a severe erosion as the government was having some amendment project, so we could hardly find any colourful fishing boat there, and instead enjoying to see only the big stones.

He strongly recommended us to Pantai Sri Tujuh, a famous beach hosting the renown Wau Festival in every year’s May. He said the real Malay-cultured fishing boats can be found there, and it proved what he said was correct !

From Malaysia-Thailand-Pengkalan Kubor, we took the bus to this beach, while the sun was so fiercely outburst, the time was 2pm…

Few minute after alighting from the bus, we were surprise to see a small fish market selling newly caught fishes from the sea. Perhaps 2pm was too late where most of the fishing boat should have come back to the village, thus we didn’t see many wholesaler buying fish.

Mr Sun was too “outgoing”, we suffered from its torture and forced to take s shade and take a coconut to refresh. But I found the hawkers here a bit too passive, they didn’t even ask if I felt thirsty- if they were, I would stop and take their drinks… too bad, none of them did so ..

At last, I chose one with a better location,

Beach hawkers in Kelantan seemed to sell all the similar food-coconut, and fried food, almost the same through out all the stall, and they didn’t even think a way to outstand from the other competitors. Well, maybe we could say they are having “very very positive” thinking where money would come by itself without any effort.

There are some motel-like accommodation here, comprises a large area at the beach. Theoretically, we’re not allowed to enter the compound but there were none guard existed there…actually afterwards I found this motel location wasn’t that good-it located at the joint between the sea and river, and being in the same sea area with the adjacent Malay fishing village, the sea was so dirty.

It’s blissful enough that the tourism officer never bluffed us for promoting Pantai Sri Tujuh.Here we can see the Kelong, where the Kelong size here were even much bigger scale and size than those I saw in Kukup, Johor.

With Malay fishing village sure we could see the colourful fishing boat, and the fisherman was coincidently collecting his net by the beach, asking if we could take his picture, friendly accepted our request.

Pantai Sri Tujuh is very big, and divided into 2 parts. One which is the hosting the famous Wau Festival while the other is sea area connecting to the fishing village.

After I return from Kelantan, I google-earthed on Pantai Sri Tujuh and found there seems to be having a natural boundary protecting the village behind. No wonder I saw the sea area was like with no waving, and the water current was like stagnant without any movement, very dirty.

From the previos-mentioned motel, there was a bridge linking to the beach. Besides connection purpose, I think this bridge serves as the water catchment as well. And the scenery by the water catchment area, was seems like paradise for first sight!

Pantai Sri Tujuh wasn’t that clean, a lot of rubbish was found everywhere on the beach, this is saddening state. Even though it’s better than Pantai Cahaya Bulan, without any sea erosion,but seeing so much rubbish appeared on this beautiful beach, I feel very sorry for it.

And in fact, the Kelantan state government should be responsible for the poor state in Pantai Sri Tujuh. For instance, we couldn’t find any dustbin at the beach area, after we finish eating our Lekor.And we gotta carry along the god damn plastic bag walked for 500meter to look for the nearest rubbish bin!

I assume 50% of lekor buyers do not have the patience to carry the plastic bag, and the beach will be left with these 50% people’s plastic bag!

The sun was too fierce making us no mood to walk along the beach. The beach extend straight to the Malaysia-Thailand border.

The best thing to do under such a hot sun was to buy Lekor, while enjoying the wind breeze. Here you can find the cheapest lekor through out the whole Malaysia- 10pieces for only RM1.

But I have something in doubt- there was not many people coming to the beach during normal weekday, but there were 3 stalls selling the same food and all of them of same pattern- will never come approaching you to ask if you want some food, could we say this is having “very very positive” thinking. What say you?


Bus 43 from Pengkalan Kubor (Malaysia-Thailand border) RM1.00
Bus 43 from Pantai Sri Tujuh to Kota Bharu RM3.40

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