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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Singapore is a fine country

Previously when I did my shopping at Singapore China Town, I saw some cute shirts written “ Singapore is a fine country”, I thought this was something the tourism promotion kind of things.

But afterwards, I realize that “Fine” has got another meaning in English, which means punish or punishment.

There I know the shirts I saw in China Town were teasing Singapore is a country with lot of punishment/fine.

Since then, I started to notice different kind of warning board in Singapore.

In Singapore MRT, you could easily find it.
And the punishments are of different grades, if you throw rubbish else where, the price is :

If you play with the emergency button, the price is:

If you accidentally press the station emergency call button, fine you 5000,

You are not allowed to stop the escalator, else 5000 summon for you.

All are in package, if you disobey this , you gotta pay this price, or else that price.

Somemore example: if you cross the yellow line, fine 500

If you cross the rail track, fine 5000 (Well, I wonder how they charge 5000 if someone is knocked down by the MRT…)

To cross the bridge, if you are riding with you bicycle, you gotta dismount and push the bicycle rather than ride to cross, or else 1000 dollars fly away from your wallet.
(in contrast, I saw a lot of bicycle rider just ignore the warning but just ride on the bridge, wondering since when Singaporeans become so rebellious ?)

Not allowed to litter at the letter box area down the HDB flat, yet I found rubbish and papers are everywhere (though the time I took photo, it has been cleaned up)

Not allowed to use reserved car park for disabled people, else summon 400 dollars

Cannot bring any pet to board the MRT (better to free them to the jungle)

Singapore-as the world’s famous Garden city, is contributed by such rigid rules and regulations. But would it be too strict?

Me myself feel annoyed by such rules that regulate one’s behaviour by threaten him/her consequences of against it. But yet Singapore has proved to us that mankind is just such a bad-disciplined animal-no laws then no one will follow. Sigh…

Malaysia is of more freedom as in these cases, but this beautiful country ended up with trash everywhere. Does it mean human really gotta be constrained by laws or else they won’t follow?

Maybe we ought to “Cuci-cuci Malaysia” before we start the stern regulations on those bugger. Too bad.

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